About US

Hello guys! We are Anime Official HQ, and we would like to share with you the things we try to provide to keep you happy and entertained.  We will focus on keeping you updated on your favorite anime by giving you great content, videos, and manga.  We are a very small group of people that love anime just as much as you do.

Hopefully, with your help we could expand more! only thing we ask you have to do is watch our videos, read our manga, ect.  We also have a drawing contest for your artwork to be shown to people across the WORLD on our “Fan Art” page.

Reason Why

The reason why we came together to make this website is so you can have everything you want all on one website.  Instead of having to read manga on one site, watch videos on another, and search for updates and content on another new website.  You could get it all here!

We want it to be beneficiary for you to do what ever you want.  We also agreed if we get any new content wheather its episodes or articles, even the things you would usually need to have premium to watch or read, we will provide it for you for free on our website!

Our Goals

What we want to achieve in our site is to exspand and grow our fan base because without our fans we can not do anything.  The more we grow, the better the website will be. The better the website, the more satisfied you will be!

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