Boruto Episode 84 The Mitsuki retrieval arc


Boruto Episode 84

The Mitsuki retrieval arc has received a lot of positive and negative attention from fans, this has been mainly due to its similarities to the original Naruto series ‘Sasuke retrieval arc’. While some fans have enjoyed the nostalgia is this other have found it repetitive and even to be less interesting than the original Sasuke retrieval arc.

Both arcs cover team 7 losing a teammate who seems to have betrayed the village and joined an enemy, the 4 sound ninja that escorted Sasuke are replaced by ninja from the hidden stone are a few among the similarities. There are some differences in minor details and motives but overall we can agree that the plot line is quite similar.

The recent episodes in the arc have surprised fans immensely, no one expected wise old Ohnoki to be behind Mitsuki’s disappearance let alone the wild plan to replace the youth of the hidden stone, whom he considers weak, with an artificial soldier like the Akuta’s!

The Akuta’s are only the beginning, despite the current Tsuchikage’s warnings, Ohnoki has gone on to make far stronger and almost human-like versions of the Akuta! They can not only wield chakra and Jutsu but also forbidden Justus on par with those used by the Akatsuki

In episode 84, we saw Boruto saving Ohnoki from the collapsing pillar, one which came down due to his fight with Lord Ku (who was showing very little constraint while fighting Boruto despite Ohnoki’s request). This alone makes us question, just how obedient are these being? They know they have been created to fight in the place on humans and perhaps that is where their hate for human beings stem from.

All of the artificial beings except for Kokuyo seem to have an interest in humans to some degree, Sekkei wants to understand human emotions, Kako is interested in human literature and Kirara in human clothes, perhaps they want to be human more than they let on?

Boruto escapes the tense situation with Ohnoki but soon learns that they have stumbled upon the hidden stones training ground, however it is no ordinary training ground as Ohnoki curtly states that they are going to ‘rot in this place’. The Sanzu Plains are surrounded by a strong barrier that won’t allow those who enter to leave easily, Boruto even attempts to and fails.

The only way to get out the plains is to find ones individual heart stone, the trick is the ground is covered in pebbles! The heart stones glow will only show itself to those who are self-reliant, so it is impossible to find it without training.

While Boruto attempts to find the heart stone, Ohnoki points out how the present day ninja do not know how to live off the environment and he proceeds to teach Boruto how to hunt and cook without using Jutsu.

It makes one wonder why he does not employ better training methods and practical examination like this to improve the strength of the young ninja, than to begin building an artificial army. At this point, there is very little to differ him from Kaguya!

He goes on to reveal that Lord Ku is a clone of him created with his cells much similar to how Orochimaru created Mitsuki, however, Mitsuki is perfect and Ohnoki hopes to find the missing link using Mitsuki’s help.

This story really blurs the line between those characters you think are good and those that are bad, Orochimaru may be considered evil but when it comes to Mitsuki he is quite a doting parent and want what is best for him and refers to him as his son.

Yet, even though the process of creation is similar and even while Lord Ku referred to him has father, Ohnoki does not acknowledge him as his son. So who is really good? And who is really evil at this point? Perhaps there is more to the story to be revealed and we are eagerly waiting for the next episode! Until then, let us know what you think of Ohnoki right now?

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