Dragon Ball Project Z


Dragon Ball Project Z

What is Dragon Ball Project Z?

Bandai Namco has confirmed a new Dragon Ball title – this one revolves around Action-RPG
elements called Project Z. Currently, the developer hasn’t pinned down a release date, but it revealed that the game is going to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows via Steam. This game is being created by CyberConnect 2, the gaming studio behind Wrath and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy. The recently released Trailer shows lots of Dragon Ball FighterZ characters fighting against each other, as you would expect, but there is also something that looks like gameplay where you can see the main character, Goku walking across some lush landscapes.

What’s New in it?

As you know, Dragon Ball Z has proved to be a versatile franchise, one that successfully hit its peak with the fighting genre in the world with last year’s release Dragon Ball FighterZ. So, with that world successfully dominated, the developer is moving on to the next massive title in the franchise, diving into another new genre that is Action Role-playing (ARPG).

The Dragon Ball video game series usually deals with Fighting and Role-playing genres, offering fascinating gameplay based on anime/manga series of the same name. However, the series revolves around the massive adventure of the main hero named Goku as he trains in martial arts and navigates the lush environment in search of seven wish-granting orbs called the Dragon Balls.


It seems that Dragon Ball Project Z provides players with an opportunity to relive the story of the Dragon Ball Z series. Like some previous releases, the tale follows Goku and his friends who embark on an epic journey to find out all-powerful Dragon Balls. The trailer reveals the fight between Goku against Piccolo and Frieza. Project Z gives you original Dragon Ball vibes. The trailer ends with Goku who is walking through the wilderness. After that, you can see him exploring through Kame’s House and Capsule Corp. The appearance of Goku looks fabulous in this title, and the game is going to be revised the mystery of Dragon Balls and the story of Goku who transforms into its traditional, Saiyan form known as Kakarot.

Explore Worlds

The game will set you out on an epic journey of becoming stronger and having the never-ending battle. You can manipulate different locations of the world at your fingertips. However, this time, the game will be released with lush environments as you can discover in the trailer, some locations are related from previous titles or original manga series. 

Regardless of Goku, you control the most prominent hero with an aim to explore the world perhaps from a third-person viewpoint, the battle against powerful enemies or maybe one of your friends, including Piccolo. Definitely, the central part of the story revolves around the Dragon Balls that you have to gather at any cost to fulfill your wish related to anything.

Super Saiyan Goku

In the trailer, you can discover some iconic moments from the most popular series of Dragon Ball Z. Upon watching, you will experience the superhero and Piccolo’s classic fight, Krillin killed by Frieza, and the Super Saiyan
form of Goku.

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