My Hero Academia Top Fights That You Should See Right Now


My Hero Academia Top Fights That You Should See Right Now

My Hero Academia has given us so many interesting fights over the years. This is the reason it has a huge fan following from parts of the world. The drama, the story, the emotion all adds up and it makes the fight in this anime series a treat to watch.

These are all the fights that has given me goosebumps and you will definitely love these to I mean for real. So, today here we have list of best fights from My Hero Academia that you cannot afford to miss.

Izuku Midoriya vs. Katsuki Bakugo

Well, the fights between these two characters have remained my favorite forever. Their fights had so much drama and emotions that you don’t want to take your eyes off. The story of the fights are interesting for some emotional reasons like they both were childhood friends and also the longtime rivals. 

One of the fights took place in the episode 61 and the fans were stunned to see this amazing fight. I would also consider the season 3 three big fights in which one of them was between these two.

In the season 3 of My Hero Academia, they both wanted to have an all-out battle. They took their frustration out with the help of their fists and fought like true warriors.

Midoriya vs Giant Robot

Yeah, we all know how great Midoriya is and how well he has emerged over the years. But in this fight, he clearly shows why he is known as a protagonist. This fight with the Giant Robot was his defining moment in the entire series. He was fighting to save someone and not to win glory. So, this fight was special I mean really special. 

Hero is all about saving your people and doing what no one else can do. That’s what he did, everyone was running for their lives but he stood there and tried to fight the robot just to save that stranger girl. On the other hand, he saved Bakugo as well it made it ALL Might realize that Midoriya can become a hero too.

Bakugo vs Todoroki

This fight was epic I mean everyone was waiting for this fight to happen. A showdown between two of the best fighters and what a fight that was. In the fight, Todoroki refuses to unleash the full force of his quark. A fight ended in such a heart-breaking way that made me realize how good of an anime series My Hero Academia is.

All Might vs All For One

Well, who can count this fight off? This has to be one of the best fights in Boku No Hero Academia. It had so much intense fighting scenes and that is why this fight is also known as UNITED STATES OF SMASH. Every scene in this fight was worth the watch it was all guns blazing and this fight made a huge impact on the Boku No Hero Academia fans.

Izuku vs Mascular

This fight has a different story but the interest of the fans was the same. We were going to see Izuku fight a real villain one on one for the very first time. So, it was a very interesting fight to watch. Mascular who just wanted to kill everyone who comes his way, Izuki stood his ground firmly.

He fought him with all he got in order to save the life of a boy named Kota. He was given powers by One For All but Izuku had to remain very careful in order to stay safe otherwise his limbs could have broken too.

Bakugou vs Uraraka

This was a fight between a class 1-A students Ochaco Uraraka and Katsuki Bakugo. I personally love this fight because of the courage and fight that Uraraka show. She fought like a true warrior and it was huge fight just because of her endurance, courage and attitude to never give up. She was fueled by the desire to aid her family and to earn a name for herself. She went all out against the likes of explosions of Bakugo.

Midoriya and Bakugo vs All Might

A strange turn of events and a desire to win which made Midoriya and Bakugo work together. It was the final exam test and they two were facing All Might in the all-important knockout. It was very exciting as they were up against their Hero and that fight had so much emotional touch to it.

All Might was not holding back but somehow Midoriya and Bakugo found a way to work together and they eventually put up a great show and scored yet another win. No doubt desperation has a strange way of cooperation and that’s what worked for Bakugo and Midoriya.

Mirio vs Class 1-A

The next big fight was between Mirio and Class 1-A. A match of Ego I would say because a senior was fighting his juniors to show them a difference and to teach them a lesson. It was a much to show the juniors a staggering difference in their powers. He gave them a taste of how strong a person can become by knocking off every single member of the Class 1-A team.

All Might vs Noumu

This was the fight which made every fan of Boku No Hero Academia realize that All Might is the real pillar of the superhero community. The monstrous amalgamations which was knowns as Noumu fought All Might in a jaw dropping battle. It was one of the best fights in the season 1 of My Hero Academia.

So, what do you think of these top fights in My Hero Academia? Has your favorite made it to the list? Would like to get your suggestions in the comment section as well. Thanks.

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