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Samurai 8 Hachimaruden – Things You Should Know About Masashi Kishimoto New Series

The creator of Naruto who has given the anime world one of the greatest anime series of all time. Masashi Kishimoto is loved all over the world for giving Naruto series and now he is coming back with a new series named Samurai 8 Hachimaruden and the fans are eagerly waiting for this new anime series. So, what is it about? Well, here we have everything that you need to know about the Samurai 8 Hachimaruden.

Naruto Author Goes Sci-Fi With Samurai 8 Manga

Well, the manga will be coming out in Spring 2019 and it will be illustrated by Akira Okubo. If we talk about the art then someone else will be taking charge of that as it was announced in the Jump Festa. The theme of the manga revolves around Japanese culture and history mixed with a sci-fi setting.

This much anticipated series was announced at the Shonen Jump’s Jump Festa convention and a trailer of the manga was also shown. So far, a teaser has been given to the fans and so far, not much information out and fans will have to wait for the full plot of the series.

Samurai 8 Trailer – well, it was amazing and it looks very promising. The fans of Masashi Kishimoto will definitely be looking forward to it. As per the trailer, there are cybernetic warriors and also swordplay. So, the mixture of Japanese culture and history is something unique and will definitely grab the attention of the anime world.

In a statement from the festival translated by Twitter user OrganicDinosaur, Kishimoto reportedly said “I like Japanese-styled things: I’m thrilled about the culture and decor. I like sci-fi things too. I’m excited for this gimmick and it’s [sic] creation. Since I like both things, I’ve decided to mix them together to depict this work.”

Kishimoto added, “I’ll work as hard as possible to make it even more interesting than the Naruto series!”

As per the earlier given arts it is clear that there are characters who are fighting with swords and are in intense mood. The Characters are also wearing headbands and it resembles with the headbands in Naruto series. So, there will be some similarities as well but Samurai as a whole is a completely different series as compared to Naruto.

Well, the way Kishimoto used Ninja for Naruto he will be using Samurai for his new series. Kishimoto’s looks very exciting for this upcoming series and he is determined to give his level best to make it even exciting than his much successful Naruto series. So, what do you think will Kishimoto’s new series will be better than Naruto?

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