Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission


Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission

The new Dragon Ball title is confirmed for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. It is the first entry in the series to be released in West, outside of Japan when it reaches on April 5th, 2019. Unlike other titles in the series, Super Dragon Ball World Mission focuses on Card-based and Role-playing genres. 

According to Mark Religioso, this title serves as a one-of-a-kind experience that will undoubtedly captivate the diehard fans. In this title, players have an opportunity to become a super dragon ball hero once again and save the land from being destroyed. The game introduces the latest Dragon Ball experience for both platforms and offers a beautiful mix of strategic and role-playing elements, featuring characters from across the Dragon Ball series.

Collectible Card Game

As in the original version of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, you had to gather real physical cards. While playing the game, you need to establish your team contains seven characters and deploy them on the high-tech tabletop and move them across the board to alter their position between animated combat matches. 

In another hand, the pc edition isn’t as tactile; players still need to move their teams of heroes and villains around to decide who is ready to attack, who’s defending to retrieve some health, etc. It will inevitably introduce a brilliant card game that you may have never experienced before.


Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission deals with Card Battle and RPG elements to offers a better gaming experience. In the game, players need to gather powerful cards representing not only heroes that have existed in the series but also transformations that you have never seen before. The title is going to introduce a new playable character, designed by manga author of Dragon Ball Super named Toyotarou. 

Like other card games, the player will start the game by creating a deck of cards and then place them on the tabletop to attack the opponent team. Undoubtedly, the battle will be turn-based, means the player needs to plan his strategy and then strike to opposing team’s members to eliminate them from the battlefield to advance.


This time, the new title of Dragon Ball takes place in Hero Town, serving as an alternate reality where a Dragon Ball card game is already considered the most famous form of Entertainment. The game lets you take on the role of Beat, who is the protagonist, and the story revolves around his epic journey to become the world’s best champion. 

However, when the brutal antagonists from a digital world appear in Hero Town and start spreading chaos everywhere, the protagonist dive into the world and struggle to establish a team of heroes – the characters from famous Dragon Ball heroes in order to restore the peace in the real world once again.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission

It is a card battle game introducing powerful fighters from across the Universe of Dragon Ball, with their legendary transformations, as well as a brand new character. However, the game will come with a gigantic roster with over 350 fighters and more than 1000 collectible cards each has its unique attribute.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission is scheduled to release on April 05th, 2019 for Microsoft Windows via Steam and Nintendo Switch. 

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